amity means friendship and harmony between individuals or groups. It also means cordial relationships and mutual understanding - which we aspire to create by putting people at the heart of what we do.

We are a small and vibrant team with complimentary skills and experience. We are motivated by the opportunity to take on diverse challenges, collaborate with others and constantly learn and adapt. We have a network of partners to support us in different phases of projects. If you are interested in collaborating with us please get in touch, we are always happy to meet new people.

Find out more about us by reading our story. 


Katie - I am passionate about communities, culture and effective collaboration.

I have been involved in community consultation since the age of 14 as a member of the Youth Issues sub-committee in Bury, where I designed the first Consult Us More youth strategy which is still used in the borough. I was also part of the Investment In Youth team who were successful in attracting funding for the design, build and management of a new drop-in centre in a local park. In recognition of this and my charity work I was voted Greater Manchester Police Young Citizen of the Year in 1996.

My experience of media content production teams and an MA in Digital Media Management combine to inform my understanding of traditional and digital media communication and leadership. My strategic vision and values driven standards guide everything I do. With amity my natural understanding of process, my involvement, devotion and constant questioning help me lead teams to high performance. 

I bring a passion for human-centred analytical and divergent thinking, as well as a love of facilitation and sharing to the delivery of work which I view as an opportunity for everyone to learn. I loves helping others and improving lives.



María - I love co-creating safe spaces for people to transform, connect with their creative potential and live fulfilled and intentional lives.

I feel very fortunate to have the privilege to work alongside my lovely partner Katie. Together we co-created amity, a social enterprise that enables individuals and organisations to effectively collaborate and participate fully in life.

We guide teams through transformational experiences where innovative solutions, change and collaboration can thrive. People that participate in our processes solve shared challenges, receive one to one coaching and are upskilled in facilitation, leadership and human centred design, so they are empowered to lead ongoing change.

With amity I combine my passion for enabling people to collaborate and be leaders of their own life with a strong desire to make a difference in the world.

I light up when supporting individuals and groups to unlock their potential and affect change around them.
I am passionate about wellbeing, transformation and learning. I love having conversations about what matters to people and spending time in nature playing with my dog Metta.



amity are dedicated, enthusiastic and professional. The delivery of the workshops has been impeccable, Katie and Maria work very well as a team and are enthusiastic as well as empathic in their approach. Their reflective nature means that they are very in tune with how their environment affects their work and vice versa.
— Dr Ksenija Kuzmina. Lecturer in Design Strategy